Napalm Strawberry Gelato Pre-rolls


Napalm strawberry gelato pre-rolls (8 grams)

The napalm strawberry gelato pre-rolls comes with 7 grams of pre-rolled weed and 1 gram of live resin diamonds. This flower in this pack is no other than the strawberry gelato weed strain. This package comes filled with the best grade of the strawberry gelato weed strain. Strawberry gelato obviously comes from the cross between the strawberry cookies strain and the gelato strain. Haute genetics first did this cross but today 5 points L.A do it for backpack boyz. The strawberry gelato also comes in pre-rolls called Napalm pre-rolls from backpack boyz. This flower further has a mix of flavors and aromas from different botanic origin. Buy napalm strawberry gelato pre-rolls for sale from backpack boyz.