Backpack Boyz White Bubblegum Gelato


Buy Backpack Boyz white bubblegum gelato

The white bubblegum gelato backpack boyz for sale comes from the cross between the Indiana bubblegum strain and the legendary gelato #45. It also goes by the name Bubble gum gelato backpack boyz. As its name rightly states, the BG gelato taste like sweet candy and fruits. A strong indica, best consume this strain at night due to its calming effects. It also makes you to sleep hence can help insomnia. Also, this rare strain comes with a dark green or light green color and sometimes both. Equally, orange pistils surround this bud and give it a beautiful look on to the eye. The flower looks great but best believe its high and flavor taste way better. Many consumers rank this as one of their best backpack boyz strains. Buy backpack boyz white bubblegum gelato and enjoy.