Backpack Boyz Tiramisu


Tiramisu backpack boyz for sale

With THC values coming as high as 27%, the tiramisu backpack boyz for sale is for the old stoner. This strain also goes by the name of tiramisu cookies for sale. It comes from the crossing of 3 rare weed strains. These strains include the Bay exclusive OG, OG kush breath and the animal cookies. This cross then gives birth to a strong almost complete inidca strain with a very small sativa side. Many buyers and users say it shows no sativa side at all. Like the name, the tiramisu also smells like tiramisu along side some fresh cream. Perfect for those sleepless nights, buy tiramisu backpack boyz strain online from frikish shop. They equally supply the best quality of this weed which explains why they dominate the recent market.