Backpack boyz 33


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The backpack boyz 33 also known as Scottie Pippen belongs to another exclusive line of backpackboyz strains. It comes as the result of crossing the Biscotti and the Lemon Cherry Gelato. It also has THC levels as high as 26% and total cannabinoids of 29%. The Scottie Pippen backpack boyz strain stands as one of their most popular products. This weed strains burns to give you a sour skunk aroma along with traces of citrus and queso blanco. It equally has a medium sized nug structure with a soft core and somewhat slightly dry exterior. Furthermore, it leaves behind an earthy dark chocolate aftertaste along with traces of coffee ice cream. Backpack boyz number 33 also has a citrus fruity feel when smoking. Buy Backpack Boyz 33 and enjoy premium quality.