5 pound mega strain mix backpack boyz


5 pound mega strain mix backpack boyz for sale

The biggest mix from backpack boyz 5 points L.A. This 5 pound mega strain mix literally has a mass of 5 pounds of pure cannabis flower of your choice. The selection of strains comes from our shop and you have the choice select any strain. Mix the strains as you like till you reach 5 pounds of pure unaltered quality weed. The 5 pound mega strain mix also has the highest discount among all our pound mixes. Get more than a 3000 US dollars discount when you buy the 5 pound mega mix from backpack boyz. You also have the choice of letting us select the weed strains for you in order to save any indecisiveness. We make sure to select only the best strains and equally strains we think deserve a shout out. You can then make a few changes to the final order and have us deliver.