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Monkey Paw, also known as the death star strain is a sativa dominant hybrid, made up of (80% sativa/20% indica).  The monster cookies strain also known as red dragon strain is created from cult favorite strains Acapulco Gold., Columbian Gold and Afghani strains. Therefore this potent hybrid boasts a moderately high average THC level between 15-17% and a classically appealing aroma and taste. So In this review, we would see some few points about the gorilla glue strain. (gimme some ganja), the wifi og strain, (wifi strain) and the gorilla cookies strain/ monkey cookies strain.


The red dragon strain has a delicious aroma of sweet skunky citrus with a hint of pungent diesel. Also, it has a taste of sweet citrus that has a skunky diesel aftertaste. Hence, that can be overpowering if you’re not careful. which is why it is called the monster cookies strain. Monkey Paw buds have small pebble-shaped dark olive green cooky glue strain nugs with a thick layer of fiery orange hairs., This gimme some ganja straon has lots of dark purple leaves, and a frosty layer of thick milky white trichomes and sweet sticky resin.


The Monkey Paw high hits immediately behind the eyes before quickly spreading to the entire head with a jolt of uplifted energy. Thus you’ll  feel insanely focused and motivated with a heightened sense of awareness. This implies that this wifi OG strain amplifies the senses. Also this cerebral high anchors a mellow relaxing effect that rids the body of pain and leaves you utterly at ease. Hence because of these effects, Monkey Paw or the death star strain is the perfect strain for treating chronic pain. It’s mild to moderate cases of depression, and inattentiveness or ADD/ADHD.


The genetic heritage of red monkey weed is somewhat murky. The bulbous redbuds produces a fruity grape aroma that gives way to sweet flavors of pine and berry. Therefore, The sedating indica effects produce deep relaxation great for chronic pain.


At FRIKISH, we guarantee the genetics of all our strains. So you know that the red monkey weed for sale here you buy will give a cool high. (Natural Purple Kush plants). It’s easy to order your wifi strain right on our website and we always promise complete privacy for both your information and your delivery. Take advantage of our 90% high guarantee, and find out why customers love Growers Choice – place your order of Purple gorilla cookies strain today!


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