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Juul Pods For Sale

4 pack of your choice of Juul pod flavors on sale. The Juul pods contain a pleasing & satisfying Eliquid salt made by Juul. Made with smokers in mind, Juul promises to give you the best alternative to cigarettes. Currently, only a limited variety of pods available.  Purchase your pods today and have them delivered to your doorsteps within 3 business days. We are known for our fast delivery and great customer service.

Looking for an easy way to kick a nasty habit of smoking cigarettes but the conventional E-cigarettes weren’t doing the trick. Announcing the all new Juul. The Juul device is lightweight slim and slim and will fit inside any pocket with ease. Juul made vaping an easy way for anyone to quit smoking all those nasty carcinogens while still getting the satisfying buzz you get off them.

Each pod contains 50mg nicotine inside a .7ml of eliquid. These pods will only work and are specifically designed for the Juul stick. You can not use them with any other device.

*Our top two sellers*

Juul mango: Mango flavored with a Juul’s signature throat hit.

Cool Cucumber: Another amazing flavor, has a flavor of cucumber and cool mint. Another great flavor is the cool mint if you like cool menthol flavors. Then, the cool mint has a smooth fresh mint inhale taste. For smokers who want a flavor that is close to a cigarette, then we suggest the Virginia Tobacco pods.


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