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Jungle boys weed remains one if not the hottest sensations of Los Angeles kush in the world, This TLC collective brand of well-grown cannabis springs from well-nurtured jungle boys seeds. Compellingly, they’ve spent over 13 years creating this trademark strain that has left all cannabis consumers in awe of its quality. The jungle cake strain, being their most prominent creation is presently one of the most sought after of their products. Not forgetting the jungle boys strawberry shortcake or wedding pie strain. Also, their prices are incredibly relatively good, assuming that they have an exotic flavored cookie line. The jungle boys weed is sold already packaged in tins $ cans that have eye-catching designs, smotheringly sealed to prevent oxidation. Buy the jungle Los Angeles weed from our shop now and enjoy stoning like never before.

Mail Order Jungle Boys Weed & TLC Collective Online

The jungle boys weed is so good that everyone wants in. These marijuana strains are cultivated and cultured to obtain top-notch quality. Their kush array is wide, containing marijuana strains such as the strawberry shortcake strain, sundae driver strain, rosin, mimosa, wedding pie strain, and the jungle cake strain. With their origin Los Angeles(LA), they’ve stamped their place in the marijuana ganja industry as one of the top growers of quality weed. They have a firm online presence with an ever-active Instagram account constantly creating awareness of their presence. You can also find other marijuana products with similar quality as that of the jungle boy kush here on our website. For example, the runtz strain and even the sundae driver strain for sale. These both can also stand in as good substitutes for the tlc collective jungle boys weed.

Here are some FAQS on jungle boys

Can you buy jungle boys kush online?

Yes. You can buy these pods online from our online store. As a matter of fact, marijuana dispensaries make the majority of their revenue from online sales, we included. All you need to do is place your order and your package will be shipped to you.

Can the CBD in jungle boys cure cancer?

Generally, this depends on the stage of cancer one is experiencing. But yes there are already so many positive reviews of their success in this domain. For milder cases, it certainly does help.

How long does the high in jungle boys weed pack last?

The effect takes hold averagely 10 minutes post-consumption. Typically, it could last 2 to 3 hours depending on what strain has been consumed and also on your CBD tolerance level.

Are there any other marijuana strains with similar qualities as jungle boys?

A good substitute for jungle boys will be the runtz strain or even the sundae driver strain. They are both potent and have similar CBD characteristics. Also, space monkey meds and call tinned weed can stand in for the jungle los Angeles weed as they have similar packaging and are equally good brands.

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